5 Most Wanted SAP Roles for next 5 years

My recent article in SCN.sap.com : http://scn.sap.com/community/career-center/blog/2015/09/03/5-most-wanted-sap-roles-for-next-5-years

SAP is changing too fast, new trends, approaches, platforms, solutions, products and services are released almost every week by SAP. One sentence by Bill McDermott is the summary of the the era: SAP will be a cloud company powered by HANA and presented by beautiful Fiori screens.

So I have decided to think about, which roles will be most wanted ones in next 5 years. Here is my list starting from less to most:

5. Business Process Architect accountable for Delivery 

This looks similar to Solution Architect but more than this. People who has deep know-how over multiple SAP solutions or platforms with unique Industry experience will be eligible to carry this title. They will review existing business process and propose, simple, and more value added solutions framework by using SAP's new offerings. For example people who lead the transformation of Simple Logistics or Finance.

4. Mobile Application Designer / Developer.

It is obvious that in 5 years time, almost all existing business processes will be left their place to new designed business processes which will be designed by mobile and agile approach. This transformation will require too much mobile development effort, so mobile application designers/developers will be very much busy. OData, Jquery, Cordova, Eclipse, SAPUI5, SMP...Fiori

3. Data Provisioning Specialist

Iot, Bigdata, Real Time Analitics and more, all these topics are need to capture data at the source, transform and load without latency. In order to run a business, people will require, real time insight and furthermore prectiction. You can not get accurate and truthful information from corrupted or wrong captured data. So people who has experience over SLT, DXC, BODS...will be one of the most wanted recources.

2. HANA Cloud Integration Specialist

SAP HANA Cloud Integration facilitates the integration of business processes and data across on-premise and cloud applications (cloud to cloud and cloud to on-premise integration). This definition is from SAP HANA Cloud Integration – SAP Help Portal Page ,

If cloud will be the platform for all type of business applications in the new era, then we desperately need these guys in order to enable seamless integration betwwen systems, platforms or applications.


This might be suprizing for many of you, because most of the SAP veterans started to mumble about BASIS will die because of cloud platforms. But this is not true ! Even if all of the customers move to cloud, BASIS guys with HANA experience will have the main role in-terms of system continuity. Besides this, existing more than 283.000 customers will migrate to HANA somehow before year 2023. Our old pals; BASIS teams or resources will render this huge transformation.

So if you think, other roles that will be popular, please share them in comment section,