23 Şubat 2017 Perşembe

Mevcut Fiori Uygulamalarını Fiori 2.0'a Nasıl Upgrade Edebilirim? Sistemim S/4HANA değil !

Kasım 2016'da S4HANA 1610 ile birlikte Fiori 2.0'ın resmi duyurusu yapıldı. Duyuru ve sonrasında ya ben yanlış anladım ya da SAP çok iyi açıklayamadı, Fiori 2.0 kullanabilmek için S4 1610 gerekli bir kanı oluştu. Belki de bu bende böyle yanlış oluşmuş olabilir. Ancak bu durum bana çok anlamsız geldiğinden biraz araştırma yaptım ve gördüm ki, mevcut Fiori kullanan ya da kullanmayı düşünen hale hazırdaki tüm SAP müşterileri aslında Fiori 2.0'a S4 1610 kullanmasalar da geçebilirlermiş. 

Business Suite SAP kullanıcıları için yapılması gereken  Front-End Server 3.0 üzerinden Fiori 2.0 kullanılması. Ancak üzücü haber SAP Fiori notification kullanılamıyor.

Yanda SAP tarafından yayınlanan digramda yapılması gerekenler özetlenmiş.

Upgrade yapmadan önce mutlaka 3 maddede açıklanan adımlar dikkate alınmalı:

1. UI Theme Designer ile kendi geliştirdiğiniz Blue Cristal'ı baz alan temalar olan Belize baz alınarak tekrar yapılmak zorunda. Çünkü artık Blue Cristal kalmayacak.

2. Standart dışı uygulamaların Merged Header kullanımın Auto-Adapter ile uyumlu çalışmasının kontrol edilmesi gerekli.  Çünkü Fiori 2.0 ile sadece 1 header bar olacak en üstte.

3. Custom UI5 kontrollerinin Belize ile uyumlu çalıştığının kontrol edilmesi lazım. 

Bence eksik fonksiyonları olsa bile Fiori 2.0'a upgrade edilmesi gerekli.


20 Şubat 2017 Pazartesi

Take this 3 actions before fly with SAP Fiori

Fiori is great for sure, if you have already spend years in SAP, beautiful fiori tiles will capture you in seconds no doubt. However, most of existing SAP customers are disappointed shortly after facing the cold side of reality brought by Fiori.
Many of us, unfortunately a way from standart SAP functions, this makes standard Fiori activation mission impossible or a torture. But let's take this as an opportunity and tidy up your existing SAP solution landacape. In three simple steps you can get fast results:
 1. Review and clasify non-standard add-ons: If you want instant results, start in-line with your UX plan. I mean if you want to transform your user experience in Human Capital Management, then do not waste time in Purchasing or Sales, just start with HCM. A good way to dig is to find the reasons:
  • We need everything automated by SAP even if it is not brought by SAP: This is the most common reason that we distort standard SAP. Almost every user wants a robotic solution which will work for them or instead of them. This idea drives SAP/IT  teams to deliver a dream solution, however this only brings bugs, waste of resources and more support spendings. Just think, if it is so easy why SAP did not implemented this artificial intelligence wth thousands of developers and scientists.Please keep in mind that SAP is for recording business functions with seamless integration and deliver accurate  information with the help of business users, not instead of business users. So please review your pain areas under this topic and prepare a list of non-standart homemade add-ons.
  • We are a unique company in our Industry, SAP does not fit: Sure you are different than your competitors, that is why you suceeded, however 80% of your processes are same among your competitors. You have spend time and money in order to implement your difference of 20%, however this swept down by the rest. Just focus on implementing 80% standard functions seamless and than find ways to be different. Keep in mind the pareto rule.
2. Prioritize the non-standard add-ons with rate calculation: Now you have prepared your list, it is time to prioritize them. Best way is the sort them by spendings. If you have one year spending data, this will be your criteria, also replacement cost will be another operand. Just divide spendings by replacement cost and sort them by ascending. Now you have the list. Please be sure that units are same  Let me give an example: Your HCM Time Management Function is not standard and you have spend 30 mandays last year to support this homemade add-on. To replace this with standard SAP functionality will cost you appx. 50 mandays. Rate = Spendings / Replacement = 30 / 50 = 0.6 . Repeat this with other areas such as travel and expenses if non-standard. Finaly pick the biggest value as starting point.
3. Set up a project team and start immediately: Each and every day, you are loosing time, money and confidence, so do not wait. Just set up a team including business users, without real users, your transformation never ever will be successful. Please keep same team for Fiori activation if possible, this is the key sucess factor.
Good luck and Have a nice journey !

13 Şubat 2017 Pazartesi

How to engage in SAP Cloud Computing as an Experienced ISV

You are a company specializing in making or selling software, designed for mass or niche markets. You made a successfull track with happy consumers and clients during last 15-20 years. Or you are working in such company as a developer or an executive. You were very happy with the trends and technology that you were in. However things are changing dramatically in last 2-3 years.
Trends are changing, consumers / customers are changing, demands are changing, and finally technology and offerings are changing, as an ISV you need to build your strategy, set up your framework, prepare your infrastructure (if you can afford), train your team and start to convert your existing products. Main challange here is lack of time, you can not try too many options, you have to hit the target at one shot.
First things first: Before transform your business, you need to transform way of thinking. Please take a look this game-changing articles:
Now, you made your mind and ready to engage the new world. Your strategy is set and your team is established. At this stage you need to make a decision:
Will you offer some new on-promise solutions to your existing customers or will you offer new solutions to the whole world?
First options is seems easy to start and get some results, however this might helps to get extra 2-3 years before you will be forgotten unfortunately. Follow the second option, be sure that SAP has very good offerings for you. Please read these two articles, this will clear many blur areas.
You do not need to invest on premise in order to be the part of this wold. SAP is offering Paas, the SAP HANA Cloud Platform: please have a look this documentation:

Please do not waste any more time and just join the new world. It fun and easy to start development, please have a look this document SAP HANA Cloud Application Development Scenario End-to-End Tutorial created by Jens Glander
Finally, there is more place for ISVs in SAP Cloud offerings, you are all invited, please join 🙂